Spring has sprung, and it’s time to show off those beautiful kitchen cabinets to your guests.

Well, you’d do just that if your cabinets were as beautiful as you hoped. Replacing cabinets is pretty pricey, so you’ve stuck with your old ones for quite some time.

As luck would have it, though, you don’t necessarily have to replace your cabinets. You can always settle for a little kitchen cabinet refacing.

And when we say “settle,” we definitely mean that you’ll be just as pleased, if not more, with the results. 

But how many benefits can you expect to get out of refacing your kitchen cabinets? We’ve got 7 of them wrapped up and ready to go for you.


Getting work done on your house is seldom “cheap.” You often end up spending thousands of dollars to fix seemingly minor problems.

That said, “cheap” is a relative term here. Kitchen cabinet refacing certainly isn’t dirt cheap.

It is, however, so much less expensive than completely replacing your cabinets.

Further still, the costs of replacing and refacing your cabinets are more than monetary. As you’ll soon find out, refacing your kitchen cabinets might help you out in a few other ways.


Some of you have probably never replaced or refaced cabinets. Consequently, you’re going to have to take our word for it when we say that refacing is simpler than replacing.

Refacing usually involves replacing your old cabinet doors with new ones. Obviously, the process is more complex than replacing doors, but you get the point. You could learn to reface a cabinet more quickly than you could learn to replace one.

Replacing cabinets, on the other hand, is complicated. You remove the entire cabinet from the wall and replace it with a new one. Needless to say, there are a lot more things to consider when you take the whole unit off of the wall.

What’s the takeaway here?

Don’t replace your cabinets unless you absolutely have to or want to. Refacing is simpler.


When something is simpler than an alternative, it isn’t necessarily faster than that alternative.

This isn’t one of those cases.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is undoubtedly faster than the other option. The speed at which you can reface your cabinets is convenient for everyone involved.

You don’t have to give up your kitchen for too long, which means that you’ll be back to eating those homecooked meals in no time.

Oh, and the constant bang and clang of the process will be short-lived.

More Options

There are only so many cabinet sets that you can buy. Granted, there are a lot cabinet sets out there.

Even so, refacing your kitchen cabinets definitely provides you with more options. When you buy a cabinet set, that cabinet’s design is set in stone. 

When you reface a cabinet, however, the possibilities are literally endless.

You can get pre-painted cabinets with all sorts of designs. You can buy unpainted cabinet doors and paint them yourself.

You can even make all of the cabinets’ designs the same or mix and match the designs to your heart’s content. Whatever you do is on you.

In other words, you can customize refaced cabinet doors until they become exactly what you’re looking for.


Some of you probably haven’t put much thought into how eco-friendly your decor is.

Which is totally fine.

Still, thinking about it from time to time doesn’t hurt, which is why we want you to think about what happens to the wood you discard when you replace your cabinets.

A lot of good wood gets thrown into the trash every day. That wood ends up in landfills when it could be repurposed. As a matter of fact, this has become such a problem that some communities have created landfill salvage programs like the one in California.

The USDA has even put out a manual which provides instructions on how to effectively recycle wood waste.

Having said as much, take pride in the good you’re inadvertently doing when you choose to reface. The environment is thanking you every day.

And it would certainly thank you more if you recycled your old cabinet doors. Just a thought.

Keeps Your Kitchen Open For Business…

We’ve already briefly touched on this one. It never hurts, though, to remind you of how invasive the process of replacing cabinets can be.

Simply put, you’ll have little to no space available in your kitchen if you choose to replace your cabinets.

Unless you have a huge kitchen. Most of us don’t.

Kitchen cabinet refacing, though it takes up space, is less invasive. You can probably prepare meals somewhat freely during the process. 

Which means that you won’t be stuck eating takeout for a week or two. Not that takeout isn’t yummy.

And Your Living Environment Clean

Yes, refacing cabinets causes some clutter. We won’t deny that.

Our idea of cleanliness, however, is more than superficial.

When you reface a cabinet, you simply replace the cabinet’s door. We frequently open the cabinet doors in our homes. As a result, replacing them kicks up less dust.

Now imagine what will happen when you remove the entire cabinet from the wall.

You’ll release so many dust particles into the air that you won’t want to breathe in your own home.

Needless to say, all of this extra dust isn’t good for anyone in your home. You don’t want anybody breathing in those dust particles.

Further still, the deep cleaning you’ll have to do after replacing your cabinets is frightening to think about. If you reface instead, you won’t spend quite as long scrubbing down your kitchen.

Consider Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

It’s not hard to see why people choose kitchen cabinet refacing over cabinet replacements. It’s cheaper, faster, and just overall more convenient.

Makes you wonder why anyone ever replaces cabinets.

In any case, there is nothing wrong with replacing your cabinets. We’re always up for helping people get their dream kitchens.

Regardless of whether or not we have to replace the cabinets. We just thought you should know that refacing is groovy.

That said, you can always look to us when your kitchen is in disrepair. We’re just a phone call or an email away, so contact us.