Bespoke and off the shelf joinery for all housing applications. including, cupboards, doors, windows, staircases and worktops. Browse through the gallery below for examples of our joinery work then give us a call for a quote.

• Cut and Pitch Roofing – Flat Roofing • Trussed Roofs • Joisting • Flooring • All Building Works • Internal and External Doors • Windows • Staircases • Fitted Wardrobes

We specialise in the manufacture of all Hardwood and Softwood Joinery including:

Staircases (specialists in bespoke) Fire door sets Doors and Frames – Internal or external Reception counters – Curved, mitred or straight Bar fittings Windows – Modern or traditional styles including Box frames 2nd Fix materials – Skirtings, Architraves, Mouldings etc.

Top Quality Carpenter

If you are thinking about making some major alterations to your home, such as a ground floor extension or a complete renovation of your kitchen, you are almost certainly going to need the services of a competent carpenter at some point during the project. At Allison Developments, we have highly skilled carpenters as part of our general building team, enabling us to tackle a wide variety of residential construction work that other firms cannot handle on their own.

We feel it is important to have the knowledge and skills in house that are necessary to complete any job we undertake rather than having to subcontract certain parts of a project to third parties. By keeping everything in house, we are able to guarantee that all work will be completed to our high standards and nothing will be left to chance.

Hiring a Carpenter

If we are completing a large renovation project for you, there is absolutely no need to worry about hiring a carpenter because we will supply our own. On the other hand, if all you need is a talented carpenter – whether for a few hours or a few days – please feel free to call and enquire about hiring one of our experts to work in your home.

We can promise that you will be getting a highly experienced and skilled tradesperson who is among the very best at what they do. Our carpenters have completed many challenging projects in East Sussex, Hasting and Bexhill over the years and are always keen to undertake complex jobs for local residents. If you are not sure whether we will be able to handle the project you have in mind, just pick up the phone and call to let us know the details of the work in question.

We are almost certain that we will be able to take care of any residential project you have in mind but it is always a good idea to call for an initial chat before requesting a detailed quotation.

A Comprehensive Woodworking Service

Because we have our own expert joinery team on hand to build bespoke cabinets and other fixtures and fittings for your home, we can handle all of your woodworking needs without involving any outside contractors.

Our joiners will put together the items you need in our well-equipped workshop before our skilled carpenters install them on site.

Don’t make life difficult for yourself by hiring half a dozen different contractors to complete your home improvement projects when Allison Developments can do everything you require and more!


Hiring the Whole Team

If you are interested in having us manage a home improvement project from start to finish, just let us know and we will be delighted to help. We can supply you with a top carpenter in Hastings who comes with a complete team of building professionals capable of handling almost any type of residential construction project you care to mention. Call or email today for further details.