The Leading Kitchen Installers in Hastings

Whether you live in a period property or a thoroughly modern home, Allison Developments can create the perfect kitchen for you.

We have many years of experience in designing and fitting new kitchens in a wide variety of styles and can guarantee that whatever type of property you live in and whatever your personal preferences may be, you will be delighted with the results that we can achieve.

Based in Hastings, we are able to respond quickly to requests for quotations from local residents and are always on hand with expert help and advice should it be needed.



Helping Our Kitchen Installers in Hastings to Meet Your Needs

Whilst we are supremely confident in our ability to meet all of your needs and to exceed your highest expectations, we will need a little help from you in order to do so. The following list of questions should help you to decide exactly what you need in your dream kitchen and what you can easily do without.


1. Do You Cook on a Daily Basis? – If you nearly always prepare an evening meal at home, a high quality cooker and stove will be a prerequisite. On the other hand, if take away food is more your style, interspersed with nights out at local restaurants, there will be no need to spend a fortune on kitchen appliances when you redecorate.

2. Do You Spend a Lot of Time in Your Kitchen? – If you are only ever there for a few minutes in the morning, to grab a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee before heading to work, you may want to opt for a budget design that leaves you with plenty of cash to lavish on other, more useful, areas of your home. However, if you like to entertain guests in your kitchen and often eat meals there, a higher budget for more refined furnishings will probably be in order.

3. Do You Prefer a Unified Home Décor? – If you like all the rooms in your home to have a similar colour scheme and decorative theme, this is something you need to tell us at the initial consultation. We are more than happy to accommodate any style requests that you may have but we will of course need to know about them beforehand. If we know right from the start, we can incorporate your suggestions into our design and make sure that the budget you have in mind will cover everything that you desire.


We pride ourselves on the exceptionally high level of workmanship that we achieve on every job we tackle. Our expertise in all areas of kitchen design and renovation make us one of the very best kitchen installers in Hastings, or anywhere in the country for that matter, so you can rest assured that we will do a first-rate job in your home.

Call us today on 07713 098153 to discuss your kitchen requirements or to ask any questions you may have about our range of services in the area.