A Kitchen Installer in Hastings You Can Trust With Your Project

We are a small, independent company, staffed by experienced builders and craftspeople who genuinely care about the quality of the work they complete.

Our small size enables us to provide our clients in Hastings with a personal service, tailored to meet their individual needs, whilst our knowledge and experience of the local building industry enables us to negotiate very attractive prices for the materials that we use to create beautiful kitchens.

If you would like us to transform your kitchen into a space where you will want to spend as much time as possible, we invite you to call us for a chat about your requirements whenever convenient. If you would like to pursue the matter further, we can visit your home to see the space in question, and prepare a quotation for you to evaluate.


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Meeting Your Kitchen Installer in Hastings

Whether you would like to discuss your requirements face to face, when we visit your home, or over the telephone beforehand, the following list of questions will help you to get the most out of the discussion. By thinking carefully about your answers for each one, you should be able to form a better idea of exactly what it is that you want us to do with your kitchen.


1.       How Often Do You Cook? – If cooking a meal for yourself at home is something of a rarity in your life, you probably don’t want to spend too much on a new cooker and other kitchen appliances. Think carefully about what it is that you most like to do in your kitchen so that we can create a design catering specifically to your needs.

2How Much Natural Light Does Your Kitchen Enjoy? – If your kitchen has large panoramic windows that let in plenty of daylight, dark, rich colours may look very nice on the walls. On the other hand, if very little sunlight makes its way into the room, a lighter colour scheme may be a better choice.

3Do You Have a Specific Budget in Mind? – Normally, we discuss what you would like us to do before preparing a quotation that reflects the scope of the work involved. However, if you have a particular sum of money set aside, which you would like to use for your kitchen renovations, we can suggest a number of options that are the most practical given the amount in question.

4Is Ease of Maintenance Important? – If you are the sort of person who really doesn’t like housework, we can select materials for work surfaces and flooring that are especially easy to keep clean.


Once you have a better idea of your priorities, you should feel more confident in communicating them to us at the initial design meeting. As a very experienced kitchen installer in Hastings, we are capable of achieving great things. However, we do of course need to know what you really want from your kitchen before we can deliver.