Conversions and Renovations

When it comes to buildings; these are assets that are perceived to have a long life and quite rightly so, because a building of any sort whether it is a commercial building, a house or a sky scrapper, requires complex construction procedures and consume a lot of time. Since the nature of this industry is such, most of the things once done can’t be undone easily. In the modern era, most of us face various challenges as usually, we don’t have enough capital to start a new building project altogether due to the heavy expenses involved while we want to stay at pace with the world with changing fashions and adapting to new standards. Also since buildings are to stay for a long time, they endure a lot of damage due to the large time span they are supposed to serve the purpose for. Take for example buildings situated in St.Leonards, which is situated near the sea, are exposed to extremely humid conditions that affect the durability of the buildings. Consequently, buildings require changes and these changes come in the shape of conversions and renovations.


It’s no rocket science to understand what conversions mean, but in the context of buildings, conversions are more like adaptations in which a building is restructured or moulded to serve a different purpose then it was initially intended for. A simple example would be of converting a residential building into a building that provides a more business looking environment. Sometimes trends change, and people want to add different floors, roofs or change the map of the building altogether. Conversions are the best option for such people as they can provide the user with flexibility to alter the building as per their requirement. However, such flexibility is only available depending on the properties of the existing building. Civil engineers and architects can provide the final verdicts as to which walls and which pillars can be removed or altered without damaging the existing building. Great care must be taken, and a professional team must be hired to perform conversions.


From converting lofts and outbuildings to complete house conversions we have the skills and expertise to make sure that your home projects runs smoothly and on Budget.

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Similar to conversions are renovations, which also cater to the need of people to change the outlook of their buildings. However, renovations are not as extreme as conversions in a sense that they don’t bring extreme structural changes to the buildings. Instead, renovations focus on repair work and embellishment of the existing framework. Coloured walls, fall ceilings and renewed woodwork would all count as renovation work. It can be done more frequently than conversions as the details involved are alterable on a periodic basis. Renovations provide the care that your building requires and it will ensure that your building stays in fashion and serves you a lifetime.

They say “change is the only constant” and embracing this golden reality of life, things like conversions and renovations come as a blessing since they help us change and adapt with the changing world. If you are tired of the same old look of your building or want to rent it out for a different purpose than it was originally built for, move ahead and call an expert for conversion and renovation work.

Hastings House Renovation

Renovation of a 3 bedroom house in Hastings that will become a rental property.   This is part of an ongoing renovation project comprising 3 properties in Hastings.  We offer a turn key renovation and management service that means you have one point of contact for your entire project.  We can coordinate and manage as much or as little of the project as you want, taking the stress and time out of dealing with numerous suppliers and trades.