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Building from the foundations to the finished product. All aspects of construction carried out including  foundations, walls, roofs, 1st and 2nd fix.  Call us for a chat or to arrange a no obligation quote. Based in Hastings we cover all of Bexhill, Hastings and the surrounding area.

Extension Building

An extended version of any product is intended to provide maximum utilisation of the existing product. When it comes to construction work, extensions serve the same purpose. As the literal meaning suggests, extensions in the context of buildings simply mean to add a new part to an existing building. It sounds good, doesn’t it? Who would not want to have added space without facing the hassle of moving to a new place altogether? If you want to add a new dimension to your existing building, regardless of it being an office, commercial building or domestic building, then extensions will do you wonders.


Some people are indifferent about extensions, but there are many compelling reasons to extend an existing building. First of all, extensions are quite economical as the only other alternative you have to build a new structure from the start, incorporating your additional needs into it or to buy another building that suits your purpose. The incremental cost of extensions is low when compared to all other alternatives. Secondly, people draw affiliations with places they live in and the people they are surrounded by or just simply love their places due to historical importance. The town of Hastings in England, for example, is famous for the battle of Hastings. The buildings over there hold immense historical value and people owning those buildings cannot destroy them. It is sometimes impossible to relocate or remove existing infrastructure, and hence extensions provide the best way out. While there are many other advantages of extensions as well, one must be very particular when it comes to the undertaking of such projects. It is best to consult a civil engineer in addition to an architect so that you are aware of the soil conditions, material requirements and safety regulations involved. Also, the architect can help make the most of the available space for extensions. However, these are not the only considerations that one must make while evaluating the extension decision. In our daily lives, we face many practical situations that should be accounted for while adding a new component to your building. You might have space at your terrace or near your garage but don’t make abrupt decisions just for the sake of expanding your building space as extending on your garage might mean your car has to be parked outside, and an extra room on the terrace might not have a proper drainage system. Ensure that all due considerations are made, and extensions will be beneficial to your existing system.

As Is the case with renovations and conversions, extensions should add value to your current building. Extensions might seem simple when compared to other forms of restructuring, but they still involve costs. The civil engineer and architects will charge a fee for their advice, the additional materials will have to be purchased, and you will require permissions for extensions from the council. Weigh up all these costs against the benefits and the addition to the resale value that the extension will bring and make your decision based on this.