Putting a little love into your home with renovations will increase your home’s value. But where do you begin?

Why not start with some bathroom updates?

The bathroom is one of the smallest and most often used rooms in the home. Plus, with all that foot traffic, moisture, and typical wear and tear, bathrooms are more vulnerable to problems like water damage and mold. 

Bathrooms are also a central selling point if you plan on putting your house on the market. Use these top tips to increase your home’s value with bathroom updates. 

Top Tips For Increasing Your Home’s Value With Bathroom Updates

When you first consider bathroom updates, the most important things to decide are budget, style, and function. Then you can get into the good stuff: luxury updates.


Before you get in too deep, it’s a good idea to set a budget for your bathroom updates or renovation. This will help you to prioritize the features with the highest resale value. 

The average cost to renovate a bathroom is $18,000 according to a Remodeling Magazine report. While that’s a big chunk of change, it comes with an average return on investment of 67%. That means you will be able to sell your home for about $12,000 more than you would without the bathroom updates. 

If you don’t want to spend that much, you can still achieve great results with just a few easy updates. You can save even more if you don’t mind a little DIY. More on that later. 


The style of your bathroom should flow with the style of the rest of your home. 

Although trends can be tempting, it’s typically a good idea to avoid them. Think back to that ’80s hair-do, for example. See? Trends aren’t always able to stand up to the test of time. The same goes for home decor and design.

Since many trends are short-lived, they will likely look dated in just a few years, which isn’t great for you or potential buyers. Keep the style in sync with the rest of your home and focus on quality and functionality.


When it comes to bathroom updates, function is king. If it looks great but nothing works, your updates are pretty pointless. 

Replace anything that doesn’t work well, like an old toilet, leaky faucet, or grimy old shower door that sticks every time you try to open it. 

Lighting in the bathroom is more important than you might think. Bathroom lighting needs to range from low lights for a relaxing bath to strategic, shadow-free, bright lights for makeup application, shaving, etc.

Natural light will always be best, so consider adding or upgrading windows on bathrooms with exterior access. These windows also work great for ventilation, a very necessary part of every bathroom. 

Luxury Updates

Luxury updates are a great way to really maximize your home’s value. Things like a steam shower and heated flooring turn your bathroom into a spa-like experience.

Adding storage with beautiful built-ins makes every bathroom better. Storage for hair products and tools, towels, hygiene products, shaving supplies, medicine, etc, can streamline your bathroom and make it that much more enjoyable to be in.

The appropriate amount of storage can help keep your bathroom clean and organized. Did you know that being well-organized actually saves you time and makes you a more productive person? 

Don’t skip the details: storage features like soft-close drawers will keep the zen vibe your bathroom deserves. 

Practical Before Cosmetic

Of course, consider practical issues before starting any cosmetic updates. Check if there are any damages like a cracked sink, rotting grout, plumbing, or electrical issues. Addressing these will increase the value of your home and the enjoyability of your bathroom. They can get costly, but the investment is well worth it. 

Check if there are any damages like a cracked sink, rotting grout, plumbing, or electrical issues. Addressing these will increase the value of your home and the enjoyability of your bathroom. They can get costly, but the investment is well worth it. 

Easiest Minimal Bathroom Updates

If you’re working with a smaller budget, a little DIY goes a long way. Consider easy replacements like an upgraded shower head. You can also extend the life of your existing fixtures by replacing old washers, drain covers, handles, and more. 

A fresh coat of paint or a new backsplash are good cosmetic updates that you can do yourself, too! Just make sure to focus on moisture resistant materials for lasting results.

You can even have a dimmer installed to your existing lights for a more customizable lighting experience without breaking the bank. 

However, if you want the biggest payoff for your bathroom renovation, it’s a good idea to hire a trustworthy expert to handle the job.

Biggest Payoff Bathroom Updates

If ROI is your biggest concern, you’ll want to focus on maxing out the luxury of the bathroom. Here are the investments with the highest typical payoff: 

  • Installing a jacuzzi tub
  • Upgrading to heated floors
  • Building a luxury open-feel steam shower
  • Installing a double sink
  • Integrating a precisely lit vanity
  • Adding a shower seat

Energy Efficiency

You can also increase value and buyer appeal by maximizing energy efficiency. Installing energy efficient lights, low flow toilets, and other eco-friendly features is not only good for the environment, it saves you money over time on your water and power bills. 

The same goes for maximizing natural light and ventilation with the best possible windows. Save power on ventilation fans and leaving off lights when the sun is shining. 

Heated floors can actually help keep heating costs down, too! The power to heat the tiles is a lot less than the power to heat the air. 

That’s It!

Value is determined by functionality, aesthetic, and luxury. Your best bet is to focus your renovation in that order for maximum success. 

Make your bathroom updates worth the investment by picking a great contracting company to lead the way.

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