Top Rated Bathroom Fitter in Hastings

We have been providing our services to homeowners in the area for many years and we would be delighted to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers so please give us a call if you would like to find out more about our bathroom fitting services in Hastings and adjacent areas.

Although it is one of the smallest rooms in the home, we believe that the bathroom is also one of the most important and we would love to show you just what we can do with your bathroom, if you give us the chance. Our services are very competitively priced and our fully qualified and experienced tradespeople all share our enthusiasm for providing customers with the highest level of service in the industry.


Hiring a Bathroom Fitter in Hastings

The process of arranging for us to transform your bathroom into a beautiful space that you positively enjoy using every day of the week is quite a simple one and normally follows the steps below.

1. First Contact – This is when you call us and let us know what we can do for you. There is no need to go into great detail at this point; just tell us a little bit about your renovation ideas, what type of property you live in and where it is located. We can then arrange a date to visit your home (assuming that you would like us to), at which time we will survey the room in question and discuss your requirements in as much detail as you like.

2. First Visit – When we come to your home, we will take accurate measurements of the room in question and make sure that there is nothing about it that will prevent us from using our skills and knowledge to transform it into the bathroom of your dreams.

3. Competitive Quotation – Once we have all the details that we need, we can prepare a quotation for the work that you would like us to carry out in your home. We can assure you that this quotation will be very competitive and will accurately reflect the scope of work. As a bathroom fitter in Hastings renowned for their attractive rates, you can rest assured that we will strive to give you the lowest prices possible.

4. Giving Us the Go Ahead – After reading and digesting out proposal, you can take as much time as you need to decide whether you would like us to proceed with the work for which we have quoted. Once you give us the go ahead, we can arrange a mutually convenient time for the commencement of work and begin ordering all the materials that will be needed.

 Sit Back and Relax

It really is that simple. Once we have all the details that we need, you can sit back and relax whilst we get on with transforming your bathroom into something really special. If you would like us to renovate your kitchen at the same time, just let us know!